FCH2O means Fuel Cell H2O

The aviation world will soon see the appearance of eRotorcraft and eVTOL for Uarban Air Mobility.

The biggest problem with these aircraft are the batteries capable of providing adequate power for sufficient time for both Intracity and Intercity transfer flights.

To date, the use of lithium batteries does not allow to achieve appreciable results: too heavy and little storage capacity.

Hence, FCH2O aims to create much lighter hydrogen fuel cells with a high power density.

Our patent allows us to reduce the weight of current fuel cells by 35%.

In rotating propeller systems, every kg saved is a success.

The first eRotorcraft to consider adopting Fuell Cell is the F-Helix from Ierom srl - Italy - www.ierom.it.

The simulator results are exceptional and this is also due to the fact of the particular mast rotation system - PowerMast.

F-Helix is ​​able with a 74 kWh fuel cell integrated with a 5kWh lithium battery pack to reach 3 hours of autonomy for over 400 km of range.